About Chris Juergensen

Chris Juergensen is in constant demand as a sideman, front man and clinician. He currently divides his time between Tokyo and Los Angeles where he continues to write, record, play and teach. Besides various session work, he has released three solo CDs and has two books published. Chris Juergensen Official Website


Scales are simply notes and, as notes, can be found all over the fretboard. While guitarists tend to learn these scales in set patterns, it’s possible to go beyond those basic patterns and create new ways to get around with your scales. Chris Juergensen shows you how in this terrific article.

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Chris returns to the pages of Guitar Noise with some great advice on recording your own CD and the various ways one can go about it. Whether you’re planning on recording at home or going to a studio with your band, you’ll find some great advice and information here.

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Chris Juergensen’s latest piece for Guitar Noise is a Q & A with the legendary Adrian Legg. Get some great examples of Adrian’s techniques (banjo rolls, open string incorporation and pedal steel licks) to practice on your own.

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Great thoughts and some practical exercises in ear training from Chris in Tokyo. Rather than worry about perfect pitch, Chris teaches us about relative pitch, which many of us either already have or can develop with some time and practice.

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Most people learn from their mistakes. Chris Juergensen, Guitar Noise’s man in Tokyo, is kind enough to let you learn from his! Here are some really great tips on numerous topics, complete with a few life’s lessons.

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Let yourself become part of the guitar by learning about where it came from. We’ll explain why it’s important to understand the history of the guitar.

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