About Gerald Klickstein

Gerald Klickstein is Professor of Music at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and an active guitarist, author, and arts advocate. His book, The Musician's Way was published this fall by Oxford University Press and is available at booksellers and in libraries worldwide. For more information, visit www.MusiciansWay.com.


Gerald Klickstein, author of “The Musician’s Way,” offers up this creative discussion on how to not be creative!

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The author of The Musician’s Way describes 7 strategies that enhance student-teacher communication and boost the benefits of music lessons.

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Numerous guitarists underachieve because they shirk regular practice. Gerald Klickstein describes how musicians can counter avoidance and keep their creativity rolling.

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Many guitarists consider practice and performance to be distinct activities. Gerald Klickstein, author of the new book The Musician’s Way, shows how they can be combined into an inclusive creative process.

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