About Jim Bowley

Jim Bowley spent 20+ years as a performing and recording guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. He currently spreads the guitar gospel via his website, jimbowley.com, and his Bel Air, Maryland-based private studio. You can also find Jim on Facebook discussing all things six-string.


Learn how to harmonize the major scale and create diatonic chords in the final part of Jim Bowley’s trilogy, “The Only Theory Lesson You’ll Ever Need.”

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In Part 2 of Jim Bowley’s introduction to basic music theory, you’ll create the Major Scale, possibly the most important musical knowledge you can learn!

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Jim Bowley lays down the basics of music theory – in “Part 1″ you learn about notes and where they are on the fretboard of your guitar.

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Paul Kossoff

Jim Bowley discusses the positives of learning the guitar riffs of songs and how doing so can make you a better guitarist in the long run.

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