About Josh Urban

Always a thinker, Josh gains insight wherever he can find it, be it in the clubs as a working musician, busking on the city streets, or teaching in the classroom, and uses these insights to bring a unique perspective to his music. A naturally enthusiastic fellow, Josh is always fired up about bringing the lessons he's learned to his readers. He maintains his own website, blog, and monthly newsletter, aiming to make musicians stop, think, and play with a little more intensity, integrity, and inspiration. You never know who's listening. Check out his website.

Posts by Josh Urban:

A Beginner’s Guide To Soloing

Josh Urban takes you through the very first steps of soloing, making the process a little less mysterious than many of us think it is! And less scary, too…

Going Back To Our Roots

Way, way, way back when, mankind had only two instruments. And by examining how these two are still used today, we can improve our timing, phrasing and many other aspects of our guitar playing. Josh Urban takes us on this interesting tour from early to electric man.

Listen Up – Examining the overlooked skill of ear training

Guitar Noise is pleased to welcome Josh Urban as a contributing writer our website. Josh’s first piece examines what many musicians refer to as the most important skill one can develop – listening. And, like almost everything about the guitar, listening has many different aspects and each must be practiced in order to become a better musician.

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