About Lucky

Lucky was born in Beijing, China and raised by wild expat parents. After a difficult childhood of constantly moving around she finally settled down to begin writing reviews for Guitar Noise. Things have been going well for her, even if she still gets stuck in the clothes dryer from time to time.

Jimi Hendrix People Hell & Angels

Jimi Hendrix has had three times as many albums released since his death than when he was alive. “People, Hell & Angels” is the latest one.

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Jeff Healey Band House on Fire

“House on Fire: The Jeff Healey Band Demos and Rarities” unleashes eleven previously unreleased Jeff Healey Band originals and covers from Jeff’s archives.

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AJ Charron

A-J Charron is a familiar name around Guitar Noise. He’s just finished a new album and here’s a review of one of the songs – ‘Insanity’.

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‘Beautiful Day’ exemplifies the crisp summertime garage rock of the early 2000s with Wilco-esque pop sensibility and Raconteurs crunch.

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If you like Jimmy Eat World and Foo Fighters and want to hear the unsigned indie version, then this U.K. band is for you.

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Video thumbnail for youtube video The Hang - 'Anthem' - Guitar Noise

This video, shot mostly on an iPhone, features Jon Sosin of The Hang recording the solo for “Anthem,” a song from the band’s upcoming album Playola.

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