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London born, Washington DC area native Nick Torres has been involved in music for more than 20 years. From singing with the Paul Hill Chorale at the Kennedy Center, to Regional Chorus, soloist at Trinity UMC in Alexandria VA, bell ringing, amateur and professional musical theater, and a band or two along the way. Currently Nick is focused on spending as much time as possible with his lovely wife and two children. When he's not doing that he's practicing his acoustic guitar and hanging out in the Songwriters Forum here on Guitar Noise. And writing articles and reviews, let's not forget that...

Posts by Nick Torres:

Lazy Lefty Blues and Little Brother’s Lessons (Volume One)

Lazy Lefty Blues and Little Brother’s Lessons (Volume One)

You may have seen Little Brother, (aka Doug Jones) posting links to his video lessons on the forums here at Guitar Noise. Here’s your chance to own some of his fantastic video lessons. The Lazy Lefty lesson is based on Mississippi John Hurt and Robert Johnson’s style and Doug’s teaching style is just sitting down with him in the living room jamming and learning.

Songwriting for Intermediates

The long-awaited sequel of Nick’s Songwriting for Beginners has finally made it online. Here you’ll find more tips to help develop your songwriting skills even further, including a neat little step-by-step guide.

Hammer on, Pull off, Tap, Repeat

Nick Torres literally brings another new dimension to Guitar Noise with this lesson on Eruption by Van Halen. Now you can WATCH how to tap, hammer on and pull off while you read a wonderfully enlightening piece on this mysterious combination of techniques.

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