Complete Idiot’s Guide to Guitar Giveaway


David’s newest book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Guitar comes out on October 5 but you can miss the lines by entering to win a free copy today. We’re giving away two free autographed copies every month.

If you’d like to enter this giveaway here’s what you do. Get yourself a copy of David’s last book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing Rock Guitar. If your library doesn’t have it you can ask them to order it for you! Then all you need to do is take a picture of yourself with the book somewhere interesting. What you think is interesting is totally up to you.

You can check out our Facebook page or David’s blog to see examples of all the winners so far.

Then send your photo in an email to David at Be sure to include an email address where you can be reached, as well as a mailing address. We’re looking forward to seeing where in the world the books end up!

Winners are being announced all the time so get in on the action.

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  1. Hi. Does David have any plans to release a DVD or online training series based on his books?

  2. hi, my name is Donna from north little rock arkansas.
    i would love to win this book , because i need one realy bad.
    i got a guitar for christmas and i need all the help i can get to play it.
    i have a acoustic guitar none electric. and i can not afford any lessons.
    so i at least have hope. thanks Donna

  3. Donna,
    wow….for some reason your request has touched my heart….send me a note, lets see if we can hook you up with one……

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