Happy New Year (of the Snake)!


It’s been a tradition here at Guitar Noise to celebrate New Year pretty much whenever possible! And today marks the end of the Year of the Dragon and the start of the Year of the Snake. If you are turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 between now and next January 30 – it’s your year!

And if you’re a guitarist or a songwriter, you can get a lot of inspiration from your fellow snakes, which include the likes of:

Even if it’s not your year, you probably have a friend or know someone who should be celebrating the start of this New Year, so go give that person a call and maybe make a point to get together and play some music sometime soon.

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  1. How about a lesson on “the Year of the Cat”?

  2. I turn 36 this year, never realised I was a snake…. Cool! ;)

  3. greg anderson says:

    al stewart’s year of the cat is one of my all time favorite albums. although usually thought of as piano-based the record is chock full of brilliant guitar solos and accompaniments. a great example to use for arranging piano music for solo guitar.

  4. You should post more! Also, I turned 24 and I feel like I suck more than ever. I am in the Air Force so do not get enough time to play like I want :(

    Greetings from North Dakota by the way!

  5. Inspiration can come from anything. If it’s an excuse to celebrate the New Year and write a song about a snake, I say let it fly! Great image of a snake / guitar BTW!

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