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Alan Green

Alan's musical adventures began with the Headmistress of his School giving recorder lessons when he was six. Those early lessons are so ingrained upon his soul, that today Alan still talks about Bars, Quavers and Minims, and twitches visibly whenever the name Mrs Bailey is mentioned. Later escapades included Mother's Ruin, Block A and more bands that nobody has ever heard of. Eventually, he arrived in the Classical Guitar world where he lives to this day (actually, he lives in Essex in England but that part of Essex is really unromantic). As well as performing, Alan Green teaches guitar in ten mainstream Schools, and two specialist Music Schools in Essex and provides private guitar tuition. Contact him about private lessons via his website Rollmop Music.

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  1. Mike McGreevy
    May 24th, 2011 @ 9:24 am

    Reading this article was like deja vu for me.

    Many years back I left playing and the road taking it’s toll (and to my wife it had also become the other ‘woman’…but that’s another story). No real regrets. One day I just quit the band. And I sorta just stopped playing. I got busy doing all sorts of other pursuits and looked for a different life. I left the business, got a sales gig, got into my marriage, we raised a son, and did corporate gigs for a bunch of years. OK…my story is just like so many others looking for a stable life…somewhere.

    The music..loved it…but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    After reinventing myself as a really good graphic designer and making pretty OK income too, I too was impacted by the economy in 2006. Job elimination of two graphic designer jobs two years apart (’06 & then early ’09), left me not finding much success getting back into it, and which paid something too.

    So, I have begun started teaching from my home and through a few other venues. It is a bit slow going right now, but at least I own it, and I won’t be eliminated – unless one of the two ‘women’ can’t handle me anymore! Ouch! But…I still love them both! (somehow I think we have come this far…we will survive this time too!

    What goes around does come around – ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

    October 25th, 2012 @ 11:57 am

    Hi,I’m jotting down my comment from Delhi (India).Initially I worked in school preparing students as for competitions.Then I moved on to full time guitar teaching and preparing students for ROCK AND POP/ROCKSCHOOL EXAMINATIONS which are held by TRINITY COLLEGE OF MUSIC(LONDON).I have done my ATCL(diploma) in Classical guitar.I have also done my Theory till 5th grade.what are the job prospects for me in Germany? Kindly let me know.