Idiot’s Guides: Playing Guitar


Idiot's Guide: Playing GuitarLearning to play the guitar has never been easier! Idiot’s Guides: Playing Guitar begins with an introduction to different types of guitars and their parts, followed by helpful information on how to choose a guitar. You’ll learn how to tune the guitar (supplemented with online audio), how to correctly hold it, how to read tablature, and about basic rhythm. Much of the remainder of the book gives you easy-to-follow instructions on learning chords, and each lesson is followed by a fun practice session and a simple song with which to practice the newly learned chords. In addition to over-the-shoulder color photos showing fingering positions and accompanying two-color chord charts that show exactly what to do, you can hear the chords, exercises, and songs performed from additional content online.

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Reviews of “Idiot’s Guides: Playing Guitar”

“Let me begin by stating that I have also purchased and read “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Guitar” and “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing Rock Guitar,” both by David Hodge. I’ve been playing the guitar for over ten years now but I’m always on the lookout for books that will add to my musical abilities and, trust me, there are A LOT of books out there that claim to help you learn the guitar. However, Mr. Hodges books are so informative, so engaging, so thoroughly enjoyable that when this latest edition came out, I had to buy it, as well. I don’t consider it all that redundant because the songs and examples have been updated. For any one wishing to learn the guitar and enjoy themselves in the process, this is the book to have.”

“I have been wanting a book for sometime that simply puts together the facts about how to play the guitar without a lot of technical information that I cannot understand and this book does it! The book was easy to understand and provides everyone, from new to old with some great basics. Everything from chord progression to tuning and so much more, this book has a bit of everything in it.”

Are you wondering why are there now two Idiot’s Guides to Guitar? What are the differences between the two? You’ll find the answer and more information directly from the author in the April 2014 Guitar Noise Newsletter.

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