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by OwenEvans
April 25th, 2018, 7:52 pm
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Topic: Learn by playing songs
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Re: Learn by playing songs

Little late to the game here but although songs seem to be a good way of learning and they definitely are for learning technique. Make sure you don't just learn a handful of similar bands otherwise you will just end up mimicking them in the long run. Try make sure you get some exercise books as well...
by OwenEvans
February 25th, 2018, 11:12 am
Forum: Guitar Noise Songwriting Club
Topic: Help with lyrics
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Re: Help with lyrics

Cool lyrics, do you see that more as the verse or the chorus of the song? For me it sounds like the first verse - do you feel the song will be uplifting/empowering one, or more reflective? Happy to chip in with some lyrics, wanted to get your thoughts on where you feel the song was taking you before...