Acoustic Blues in Standard Tuning

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Post by dsparling » August 17th, 2006, 3:30 pm

boxboy wrote:
I loved this lesson and was determined to learn it, but I struggled with the timing as well. Running Jim's mp3 (thanks a million!) through a little Mac based program called Audacity made the difference. It lets you easily change tempo without changing pitch. Slowly things down about 35% made all the difference. Luckily, being a slow bues to begin with, the piece still sounds OK even at that pace. Audacity is freeware and works great; I'm sure there are many apps like it on the PC side. It's definitely worth hunting one out. :)
If it's the Audacity we all know and love, it runs on Windows and Linux as well! I use it to edit the audio files I use to create mp3s for my lessons here at GN, and I know many folks here at GN are Audacity users...

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