Friendly Reminder

If you have a post about music or guitar that doesn't really fit anywhere else, put it here. This is strictly on topic, guitar or music related topics only. Please be civil and courteous here. This forum is moderated and respectful conversation is expected.
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Friendly Reminder

Post by dhodge » March 12th, 2006, 2:13 pm

Even though this forum page is titles "Opinions and Polls," we ask folks to be civil and polite. If a thread happens to disappear, it may be owing to the fact that it stopped being a discussion and turned into childishness.

A few gentle tips:

Don't take things personally

Respect other points of view no matter how unimaginable they may seem to you

Don't be snide or sarcastic

If you need an emoticon to make a point, then you probably need to rewrite the point

When in doubt, write or PM a moderator

Be seeing you on the boards!