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A little chuckle at an advert.....

Posted: April 20th, 2012, 12:47 pm
by Vic Lewis VL
Just signed into GN, and right next to the GN logo I noticed an advert:

Music Taught By Professionals Call 01925 290620 / 07746144788 and then a link to the website .... I go past the building regularly (01925 is the area code for Newton-le-Willows, where I live) but when I was a kid - a LITTLE kid, over 50 years ago - it was where I had my first haircuts, used to be Len Clough's barber shop. His apprentice was a young lad called Gerry Kenny - who left to pursue a career in rock'n'roll, had a top 30 hit back in 1963 (!) with a cover of Mose Allison's "Parchman Farm."

A few years ago, back in about 2005, I started going to an acoustic jam night at a local pub..Gerry was a regular in there. He didn't bring a guitar in, but with a bit of persuasion he could be tempted to play a song or two late on. Excellent guitarist, too - it was Gerry who told me "Stuck In The Middle With You" was in open D tuning and showed me how it SHOULD be played!

Also a few years ago, Gerry opened a barber shop of his own just around the corner from where I live - not that I tend to frequent them too often (I had a haircut in Dec 2010 for Marilyn's 60th birthday, then the next one was March 22nd 2012.....) but I did call in every now and then for a trim....and to talk guitar, of course! Funny thing was, when Gerry sold up the shop, it was bought by the bloke - Lenny - who followed Gerry as Len Clough's apprentice. He did the March 22nd haircut - and he's retired last week, reached the age of 65.

Lord, I feel OLD!

:D :D :D