Toughest guitar for outdoorsman?? Camping - Hiking - Fishing

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Toughest guitar for outdoorsman?? Camping - Hiking - Fishing

Post by LessPaul » January 16th, 2017, 2:26 pm

I probably should tag backpacking, but let's be honest when I'm out backpacking I don't want an extra ounce on my back.

I lived in Arizona and my go to camping guitar was any $100 guitar. The intonation would generally last about 2 years but still stay good enough to camp with for another 3yrs.

Now, I live in CO and the conditions are far worse for instruments. Hot fires, 0 degree nights, 14000' elevation, Dry (not as bad as AZ but technically still desert), and way more precipitation. I don't care about tone or quality here. I think long term intonation is highest on my list. I played a wedding in the rockies once (never once slept outside) and my guitar almost didn't survive. I doubt a normal wood guitar could handle more than a season before becoming more useful in the fire than around it haha

Opinions? Experience?

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