Getting descent sounds out of a blackster ID 15

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Getting descent sounds out of a blackster ID 15

Post by Salvation69 » May 21st, 2018, 8:39 am

Hi there,

im trying to get a descent sound out of my ID15 from blackstar, and for the most genres i get something i can work with.

But when i try to play the heavier stuff its not quit there. i use a gibson les paul standard (with burstbuckers pro i think) and a epiphone bjorn gelotte signaturev (active emg's 81/85). (im going to sell the last one for a godin session with HSH configuration)

When i palm mute with distortion on i dont get that crunchy thud you expect. With the epiphone it sounds very bassy even with the bass dialed down.
it also seems my ID 15 isnt taking my pedals really good on clean.

Anyone has an idea how i can get heavier sounds out of this amp?

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