Legator Ninja 200 SE Guitar Giveaway

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Legator Ninja 200 SE Guitar Giveaway

Post by metalmoshinbert » February 15th, 2014, 10:23 am

Hi everyone I'm the webmaster for Jon Donais' (Shadows Fall/Anthrax) He has Legator Guitar Giveaway happening on his website. He would like any Shadows Fall/metal fans to submit videos of themselves playing any of his songs on guitar. The winner of the contest will win a NINJA 200-SE from Legator Guitars. Well here is the promo I wrote in case anyone is interested:

"Jon Donais, lead guitarist for Shadows Fall , has launched his guitar-centric
site, http://www.JonDonais.com <http://www.jondonais.com/> . The site features
performance videos, rare vids, concert photos and read some new columns on
guitar tips and tricks by Jon. With the launch of his official website, Shadows
Fall and Anthrax guitarist Jon Donais and Legator Guitars will host a Guitar
Battle Royale, his first online competition for Shadows Fall fans that can
shred on guitar. The contest encourages fans to submit YouTube videos of
themselves ripping through a Shadows Fall tune of their choice and all
submissions will be judged by the voting public. The video with the most votes
will be declared as the "Winner of the Guitar Battle Royale", win a brand new
NINJA 200-SE Guitar from Legator Guitars, featured on the welcome page of
JonDonais.com and he/she will receive a copy of Shadows Fall latest CD Fire
From the Sky autographed by Jon Donais. All submissions must be submitted by
March 15, 2014. Visit http://www.jondonais.com/contest.htm to learn on how to submit
all video entries and contest rules."

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