It's relative - Nostalgic Ballad

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It's relative - Nostalgic Ballad

Post by Marcus Nalgaber » September 23rd, 2018, 6:14 am

It's relative - Nostalgic Ballad

Tears and dreams are relative depending on the distance


Everything is relative
everything is a new distance
and dispersed in my today
full of what stays inside
I will have to discover
when they come the hurricanes
to protect the so fine glass
of the mirror of my thoughts

I am relative
you are relative
life is relative

tears and dreams are relative
depending on the distance

I will have to learn to find
all the steps lost in my way
while that sun continues running
through the sky of all the stars
I will open a thousand eyes
to get ride of the darkside

Nothing more has importance
than this moment so full of what

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