SSG Year 9 Week 48

The Sunday Songwriters club is a stretching exercise for your mind. Arpeggios for the brain cells, so to speak. After all, writing is like playing - to get better, you have to practice.
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SSG Year 9 Week 48

Post by Nick » September 25th, 2011, 11:02 am

Yet another week of examing song structure.

You are still half dozing when you hear a familiar sound. Suddenly you realize it's trash day and you've forgotten to take out the trash. It's cold and raining outside but nice and warm in your bed, but the trash is full and has to go. Do you forget about it? Stay dry and catch hell for the trash later, or get cold and wet and do it now? Decisions, decisions...

That's a pretty simplistic example of conflict. Very often songs are written around conflict, you want something but something is standing in your way. You have something, but it isn't what you want. You need something, but you can't have it. Someone doesn't know how you feel, won't pay attention, doesn't know you exist, what ever...these are the circumstances you are dealt. The conflict arises when you have choices to make to change or not change that and consequences that arise from each choice. In short, conflict is when a choice must be made between two stimuli.

This week take a look at some of your favorite songs and see if you can identify the conflict. Once you find several, list the song titles and the conflicts in your post. Step two, take any one of those conflicts and write your own song about it.

Good luck.
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