SSG 9 Week 51

The Sunday Songwriters club is a stretching exercise for your mind. Arpeggios for the brain cells, so to speak. After all, writing is like playing - to get better, you have to practice.
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SSG 9 Week 51

Post by Nick » October 18th, 2011, 4:02 pm

I'm not sure how I'm tying this into my chorus but these are today's random musings:

I remember the night
Winter's moon so bright
walkin' you home in the snow

when we got to your door
suddenly unsure
if you want me to stay or to go

then I saw the look in your eyes
ripping away the disguise
whispering what I need to know

When you gave that kiss
and I took your hand
and we went to places we'd never planned

though it seems like a lifetime ago
-- to be continued

More random scribbles

my heart is pounding
watch feet kicking snow
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