Hughes and Kettner 25th Anniversary Tube Amp

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Hughes and Kettner 25th Anniversary Tube Amp

Post by Hilariousguys » June 4th, 2012, 2:58 pm

Hi all, I'm not exactly new to guitar--been playing for 4 years--but I am new to the amplifier world and that is why I've come here.

For my first two years of guitar playing, I was using an acoustic guitar, for the latest two years it's been a mix between acoustic and electric. Up until this point, I've been playing my electric guitar with an amp that was included as a package. It's just a small practice thing--I'm not even sure if it's 5 watt--and, not surprisingly, sounds really bad. I've decided that it's time for an upgrade and went on the search on my local classifieds for a new amp.

I seen the Hughes and Kettner 25th anniversary tube amp for sale for $275. I did a bit of research and the amp looks very nice. I contacted the seller and he is willing to let it go for $225. A STEAL for this amp as per my research. I've come here to get opinions on this particular amp and Hughes and Kettner in general.

If anyone has this amp, how's the reliability? The sound? After I purchase--if I do--what would be some recommended tubes to replace the standard ones, if I should replace them at all?

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Re: Hughes and Kettner 25th Anniversary Tube Amp

Post by EzraplaysEzra » June 4th, 2012, 5:41 pm

H&K a good company, well respected. I'm not as hip to their line up as some other builders but ever yone I have played has seemed to be well made and that is really the heart of the amp battle. $225 is a steal for an all tube 20w combo dude. Buy it and don't look back even if it needs some minor service. It is a steal. Replace the tubes if they need replacing only, but you might can't to trade out the speaker for something better after a while, or not. But having the lower end celestion rocket 50 replaced with a vintage 30 or something would probably do more for the sound than the stock tubes changed out.
Buy it... BUY IT!!! Buy it or send me the link. Your getting a hell of a good deal, so don't ask the seller where he got it if you really don;t want to know.

Derek Wilkerson
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Re: Hughes and Kettner 25th Anniversary Tube Amp

Post by Derek Wilkerson » August 5th, 2012, 6:39 pm

from my experience.. anything thats a steal in the tube world isnt your steal. its the sellers.. if it sounds good and works i guess you're lucky, more power to you. ive gotten a lot of my favorite bass amps for pretty cheap, but only because nobody knows the company made them as they are famous only for their guitar amps. ive never heard of h&k so it may be a similar situation. check it out regardless, what do you have to lose other than gas money?
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Re: Hughes and Kettner 25th Anniversary Tube Amp

Post by greybeard » August 5th, 2012, 10:52 pm

As long as everyhting works, you're getting a good deal. Any 20W tube amp for 225 is a good deal - a Hughes & Kettner is a very good deal. There's one on the German EBay, used for 300 EUR (370 USD).

H&K is a German company that builds quality gear - their Tubeman is a super piece of kit, but also not cheap.

I have a Cream Machine from H&K - built like a tank.
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