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New Band

Post by palmtrees228 » February 5th, 2010, 8:19 pm

Hello all...Help a fellow rocker. We are starting a fun band and we need some advice on where to start. Do we get all our sound equipment brand new or buy second hand. Also, dom we need to insulate our garage...If so what with. Thanks for any help

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Re: New Band

Post by Blue Jay » February 6th, 2010, 9:50 pm

Welcome. :D

You can get whatever sound equipment suits your needs, sometimes you can find used, and other times you want something specific that you're jonesing for. See your local kijiji - there's so much that you can actually see and get your hands on locally.

You might save a lot of money which is always a good idea - never been a bad idea, unless you don't get the quality you want. My nephew just got a new set of Mapex drums for $1700 from another guy who got fired from a band (it happens) and spent $3800. Do the math. Too many toms and cymbals at a thousand dollars a pound, I mean for the cymbals? :lol:

You can either insulate with real insulation, or soundproofing material, maybe Home Depot or another store would guide you there. It's true that some people use blankets - you can be creative. I always like the sound of another Garage Band. 8)
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Re: New Band

Post by Diceman » February 6th, 2010, 10:39 pm

In a pinch , old carpeting can be used and usually people are getting rid of it for nothing . That will isolate the world outside from the noise you generate but there is another thing you can do to minimize the complaints from neighbors , relatives , music critics and the inevitable visits from the local law enforcement representatives .
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The best solution is not to play so loudly in the first place . Years and years of playing loud music has had an adverse effect on many a musician's hearing . As musicians we need to be smart about protecting the most vital aspect of music appreciation ; the ability to hear it ! Drummers can play with restraint and amplifiers have settings below 10 .
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Have fun and good luck with your new endeavor !
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