Need Opinions on My live Band PA system!

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Need Opinions on My live Band PA system!

Post by adamjohnson » June 14th, 2016, 7:23 am

I recently have been more interested in our 5 man band sound and capabilities, we mostly play bar gigs about 50 - 200 people max . I've recently sold three 10inch 250 watt powered speakers( 2 tops and 1 monitor )because they always peaked and then because we blew them after, and then I bought two parasource sp10s (10 inch 800 watts intergrated/1600 watt peak) and 1 subwoofer parasource ps12s (12 inch 900watts intergrated/1800watts peak). I like having the size of the 10 inch and lugging around is light, but im thinking that the 12 inch 1200watt(4400peak )in the series for my tops and 15inch (2000watt peak woofer) will be a better sound due to speaker size, am I right or wrong? is wattage too much or to little? does speaker size really matter with the amount of watts is has?
Also FYI I auto split frequencies to the sub and tops and will be getting monitors, any suggestions?

I have 2 vocals, mic'ed the drums sometimes just kick , bass thru PA and I mic 2 guitar tube amps (15-40 watts). We like the supporting sounds coming through the pa.

Im not to familiar with how speakers go. can any body help me?

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