Marshall MG15CFR Playback

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Marshall MG15CFR Playback

Post by bce14 » March 5th, 2015, 1:58 pm


I'm new here... errmmm I'm not a novice guitarist... i passed my grade 8 a few weeks back... but as far as the studio goes, I'm not great... I have a Marshall MG15CFR amp which has a 3.5mm jack for iPods and phones... That's not a problem! Connected my Tab and it sounds great, or so I thought. Basically, it was all going well until I played ACDC's Long way to the top... i noticed that it was starting later than usual. Basically, I think I'm getting mono playback with a stereo combo amp? I used this same amp to play backing tracks through and never had a problem... I thought maybe the aux cable was broke, cos that happened to me before with a different cable, so I plugged it into the PC and it was the same problem?!

HELP PLEASE! This is for my Dad's 50th surprise Birthday Party and it's not a major problem... it will just piss me off all night... plus it completely cut the solo in Rocks by Primal Scream! What the hell, right?! Anyway, I know these posts need time but if anyone thinks they know the issue... please anything?! Thanks ladies and gents.


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