Road worn stratocasters finish repair/maintenance

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Road worn stratocasters finish repair/maintenance

Post by jobothemojo » January 4th, 2017, 11:06 am

Hi all,

I've come across this Japanese 1984 Stratocaster. The things done a crazy amount of gigs from what I can gather - it's very road worn, and for all that it looks amazing! The problem I've discovered is with the finish on the body. At this point I should mention I'm not an expert when it comes to strats! Anyway, because It's a paisley design, from what I can gather it has a slightly different construction to your regular strat lacquer - the design must be printed onto a plastic or something of the sorts, as from what you can see in the pictures here - ... SARsa?dl=0 - the finish on the guitar is cracked on the body, and in a couple of places you can see where this 'plastic' has actually chipped off and leaves what must be white painted wood behind it.
What I'm getting at is this. I love the look of the hairline cracks on the back, etc. It all looks fine, but since I've been using it a couple more pieces have chipped off, and that doesn't look quite as good considering the paisley on the thing. I'm wondering what I can do to maintain the way it looks right now, and prevent any more pieces from chipping off. Also, how I should go about attaching the pieces that have fallen off.
As a side note, if you're feeling generous, anything on the neck would also be helpful!

Thanks very much in advance!
Joe :)

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