Fret rattle-buzz

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Fret rattle-buzz

Post by Michiganpathfinder » December 2nd, 2018, 7:18 pm

I just bought a brand new 2018 Gibson Custom Shop Standard Historic 1957 Les Paul Relic (2weeks ago). When I first got it I switched to DR Blues 11-50. At first there were no issues that I noticed. But then I noticed when I played anything slightly hard strumming ie rock power chords there started to be a bit of fret rattle/buzz on the low E and A string on fret one and two. So I changed back to 10-47 DR Blues, did a truss rod adjustment (it didn’t fix the problem) So then I raised the action a little bit and it seems the problem is just getting worse. now the buzzing is further up the neck on the Low e and a strings and a few spots on the neck. It doesn’t seem the nut is unusually low and no frets are popped up.

Any help? PLEASE..
I’ve never spent this kind of money and I’m really nervous. I drove 3 hours to buy the guitar so it’s not like I can just swing by the guitar shop.

Thank you for you time and help!

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