Guitar workstation help/tips

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Guitar workstation help/tips

Post by Gnar » February 11th, 2019, 8:38 am

Hey shredders,

Just purchased a Jackson dinkey JS34Q (w/ floating Floyd Rose) in translucent red about a month ago, boy is she pretty!

I'm brand new to guitar, but I tend to dive Right into the rabbit hole with anything I pick up.

I'm trying to learn to perform setups and fretwork so I can do it myself instead of dishing out $80 whenever I want to change strings, etc.

I've purchased the Cruz tools guitar tech kit: ... yCb4A7YXNF

This kit seems to have everything I need, and I was able to do my first neck adjustment, string height, intonation, and string change. Of course with slight mistakes yadda yadda. But I know I need some other tools and know-how.

What other forms of work should I be doing?
What order should I do them in for a complete setup?

I would like some recommendations or creative options for a few things I need:
  • trem wedge/block (I know about taping coins)
  • Workstation mat(yoga mat, other materials)
  • Neck support for workstation(I don't think I could make one easily)
  • small screw drivers
  • Fretting tools
Anything else I should have?

Thanks in advance!

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