FS: "Elektronika 12-011" - Vintage soviet guitar multi fx

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FS: "Elektronika 12-011" - Vintage soviet guitar multi fx

Post by alexstelsi » November 12th, 2014, 8:21 am

"Elektronika 12-011" - Vintage soviet rare guitar multi effects processor

Up for sale is extremely rare soviet analog multieffect pedal Elektronika 12-011.This unit was produced in the middle 80s by one of the biggest soviet music equipment brands - "Elektronika" (famous for its Elektronika EM-25 synth, EM-26 Vocoder, FL-1 Flanger etc). It has wah and autowah (tremolo) effects, vibrato, noise gate, phaser and compressor effects. This pedal can work as the line amplifier with attack volume and noise gate with threshold. Effect parameters can be controlled by foot pedal, knobs and regulators. All effects can be used simultaneously or in any combination.


Wah-Wah: Foot pedal - mod depth, Noise gate threshold knob.
Vibrato: depth, frequency (rate), pedal control - signal level, effect on/off knob.
Phaser: speed (rate), accent (depth), pedal control - signal level, effect on/off knob.
Compressor: line volume, level (comp.ratio), timbre, effect on/off knob.

In EXCELLENT working condition!


Video Demo:




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