Another... Tenor or Baritone?

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Another... Tenor or Baritone?

Postby surf_singer87 » November 11th, 2011, 10:59 pm

I'll try to keep this brief, I just turned 24 years old a couple weeks ago. Pretty much started singing when I was 18 and moved out of the house away from my parents. I kind of just messed around for a couple years, then realized I needed some direction. I'd already formed some bad habits by singing without instruction and think I harmed my range a little bit by just yelling into the upper part of my range trying to hit high A's. There was a period of time when I felt I was really extending my range, now I've decided more to focus on tone quality and pitch accuracy. Last year I was very focused on achieving a strong falsetto. I started singing motown falsetto songs like stuff by Smokey Robinson. My teacher at the time thought I was a true tenor. Then I began singing at a community college, and though the teacher first thought I was a tenor, he later changed his mind, and now says he believes I'm a high baritone, who is just able to sing higher than most of the baritone students because of my age, saying my vocal chords are more developed. I feel I fluctuate a lot and show characteristics of both vocal types, not to mention I read a famous classical tenor explaining that anything above the G above middle C he uses a chest/head mix something like a strong falsetto that has been developed to imitate chest voice. I know either way I can sing a good amount of Pop songs, and my ultimate plan is to learn to blend these registers as best I can. I guess I'm just curious what all of you might think, and if you have some suggestions for me on how to use my voice best. I want to be a funk-rock singer, kind of like the real life version of the parody song "play that funky music white boy" hahah. The classical sounding song is sung in modal voice, while the other two use some falsetto/head voice dominated mixing that I'm still unsure of exactly how I'm producing, maybe it's pure falsetto, these ones are definitely sung substantially more quietly. please let me know what you think based on the links below: ... re=related ... re=related

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