Greetings from Syria

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Greetings from Syria

Post by Alpha8Wolf » February 20th, 2015, 11:36 am

Hello, everyone. I am Yeser from Syria, and I am glad I found this forum.

I started playing guitar when I was 8 years old with the only motivator being my parents saying "You won't regret it." and they were right indeed. I started learning classic guitar on my nylon-strings classic-acoustic guitar. I was taught in Arabic language and I learned only classical music. Also I was lazy, I procrastinated a lot, and there would come times where I would stop playing for more than 5 months. I kept telling myself that I loved the guitar but in truth I didn't. However...

Some years ago the dawn of war came upon my beautiful country. No electricity, sometimes no food and water, no safety...etc. All I had was my friends, my books, and (you guessed it) my guitar.

I picked up the guitar once more... I had no teacher, I had not played the guitar for an entire year, there were mortar shells and firefights outside (allow me to get dramatic) and I played the guitar...

I played the Metro: LL & Metro: 2033 Theme by memory. It fit the atmosphere... it was... perfect.

Ever since then (6 months ago) I have been playing the guitar with true passion and dedication. I make use of the internet whenever possible and I realized that I'm not that good. First I don't know anything about music theory in English. Sure, my English is good and I knew music theory in Arabic but for some reason it's very hard to re-learn music theory in English. Also I realized I need so much practice in other genres. All I played was classic fingerstyle. I wasn't even taught one chord!

But that's okay. Guitar learning is not a competition, but a beautiful journey that requires passion & dedication. I've progressed in these 6 months more than my entire life of playing guitar. I am glad I've crossed paths with all of you, and I'll be looking forward for receiving advice, criticism, and making new friendships.

To the beauty of the challenge,

"My guitar is not a thing, it is an extension of myself, it is who I am."

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Re: Greetings from Syria

Post by Alan Green » February 20th, 2015, 2:51 pm

Welcome to Guitar Noise. Keep your head down; have fun here.
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