Sup ya'll

New to guitar or just new to Guitarnoise? Say hello here. Where are you? What are you playing, acoustic, electric or both? How long have you been playing? What styles do you like to play?
On topic posts only please.
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Sup ya'll

Post by ShaolinMike » April 22nd, 2015, 7:20 pm

Hey everyone, my name is Jimi Hendrix... :shock:
Just kidding :lol: ... Name is Mike.. I'm from Staten Island NY... I'm 39yro and just got back into playing guitar after a 10 year layoff... Kind of weird I guess cause I only started playing about 2 years before that. I was a drummer throughout my 20s and played in a few Bands ranging from Hardcore, punk and laid back alt. rock .
When I got married and had my first daughter, me and my wife had our first apartment together and no room for drums :cry: .. So I bought a used acustic guitar.

After about 6 monthes of playing 2 chords I learned a 3rd chord and also learned to use a 3rd finger.. Lol. So I started to write some songs with the help of my brother who is a far more advanced player then me.. We actually got a few other guys to tolerate our songs and started to play in a studio... Best part of this situation was we had no care to ever play out... No band name.. No song titles.. Just there to play..
I very quickly developed a guitar addiction.. Buying and selling guitars and equipment constantly.. Recently my brother left his Martin at my house and after messing around for about a week I am hooked again..
I am currently just playing a acustic but am in the market for an electric as well.. I am excited to be part of this website and look foward to meeting some like minded looney's like myself..
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Re: Sup ya'll

Post by scooter825 » May 1st, 2015, 11:16 am

Drummer for 25 plus years here. Passionate about drums, but have some noise restrictions right now. Learning keys/piano to hold me over, but I'm passionate about that too. And when I say passionate about these two instruments, it means a lot of pain and frustration because I want to get better and better everyday and am very unforgiving when it comes to mistakes or not enough practice time.

The guitar, however, is an escape mechanism for me. Just picked up my first axe, and am having a blast because don't really care how I make out on it. Last night I was just strumming and giggling at the tremendously wonderful noise that I was making. Hopefully will learn enough to play a couple tunes, but going to try and hold on to the "fun" factor for as long as possible.

Hope a drumbum is welcome here, and if so maybe someone could get me out of my first bind. I'm trying to play some of these beginner chords and my fingers just don't seem to go that way. Seems hard to imagine, since I have a high level of dexterity due to other musical pursuits. Tips for overcoming chords that are bending my fingers into unthinkable positions? Maybe my pudgy little stick handlers have no hope? Also please give me a rock song that I can play with no skill and no training. The simpler and more obnoxious the better.

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