Another "Hi from the UK"

New to guitar or just new to Guitarnoise? Say hello here. Where are you? What are you playing, acoustic, electric or both? How long have you been playing? What styles do you like to play?
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Another "Hi from the UK"

Post by TonyFretless » October 12th, 2016, 3:32 pm

Hi all!

Known as Tony, I have a mixed work background of music, writing and computing.

Guitarwise: an Ibanez SG copy, a model by Shine a bit like a Strat with SG pickups [sort of "If Gibson had made a Strat"], and a 1984 Strat. Add to that a very cheap steel-strung acoustic from a UK firm specialising in student instruments, just because it sounds and feels nice. My "J J Cale guitar" - except I haven't ripped the back off it (yet)!
Basses: a number of Jazz style: Aria Pro II FB Series; 4-string fretless and 5-string fretted models by AXL; a mint 1980s Columbus 3. Oh - and a short-necked Antoria thing like a 4-string Les Paul.
Guitar amp is a Trace Elliot Brat. Bass amps: Laney Linebacker 30; Ampeg B1-RE into a single Eminence 12" and a rectangular horn. all 3 DI-able into either Focusrite pres or a Focusrite TrackMaster (has superb subtle compression and Eq for electric bass/guitar and vocal work).

If I'm recording live work for someone else, I tend to get quite extravagant, and will often use 3 channels for one guitar or bass take:
DI from the amp; close mic from the cab (possibly either a Shure 545 or sE-X1); condenser further back (for a little "real world" ambience if the room suits) - Typically something ike the sE-X1 or a sE-2200 here.

Bass trings - almost always flatwounds - mainly RotoSound 77s (Roger Waters, Sting, Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy); John Deacon (Queen)) or RotoSound 88s (Paul McCartney on "Abbey Road"; Herbie Flowers on Lou Reid's "Transformer" (including Walk on the Wild Side)). Currently have their "Pressurewound" (not quite flatwound) 55s on the 5-string (Steve Kilby (The Church)).

On guitar I use either RotoSound Pinks (9-42) [Strat and Ibanez] or Yellows (10-46) [Shine].

On the acoustic, RotoSound Tru Bronze 10-50 - these have "contact core" like piano strings - that is, on the wound strings, the windings start on the sound-hole side of the bridge, making for a bright, clean tone, and very sensitive handling (totally the opposite of the 14-56 heavyweight things Rick Parfitt uses on his Telecaster!) - I don't have a lot of muscle in my fingers!

I've been delighted with RotoSound strings for a long time. To anyone who criticises, I just point out that they are/were good enough for Jimi Hendrix, the bassists named above, and that their RS66 Roundwound bass strings were brought to prominence by the late, great John Entwistle (The Who) and Hendrix (played bass himself on most of his Electric Ladyland album).

The only big deal with the 77, 88 and 55 series is that they are quite expensive, but then they last a very long time (especially the 77/88 flatwounds, which simply don't get cacked-up with sweat and finger goo (also helps that I play with clean hands anyway!))

OK, you can wake up again now! :wink:
To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable! : Beethoven

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Re: Another "Hi from the UK"

Post by Bish » February 23rd, 2017, 10:39 pm

Welcome to the forum!!

"I play live as playing dead is harder than it sounds!"

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