GIG REPORT - Life is Drama @ Shakers (Ottawa)

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GIG REPORT - Life is Drama @ Shakers (Ottawa)

Post by Tommy Guns » August 24th, 2012, 6:01 am

On Saturday (8/18/12) my band LIFE IS DRAMA returned to Shakers (Ottawa)!! This is our 3rd time playing here this year and every time its been a BLAST!!! :D We always have a GREAT turnout & the crowd is a LOT of fun!!! :D When we got there the parking lot (which is HUGE) was 4/5 FULL!!! I was like “HOLY ****”!!! :D When we walked in it was EMPTY except for a couple of tables with people WAY in the back eating. I was like “where is everybody??” Everyone was outside in the beer garden playing volleyball (I guess they have a league…who knew??). So we set up and the bar was pretty empty so I ran around the bar putting our cards on all the tables along with our “SEE US HERE AGAIN ON NOV 3rd” promos. The crowd was pretty light during sound check we had a father come up and ask us “when do we start?” We told him 9:30, and he decided to stay b/c his kids were excited about the band playing. Excited was an understatement, his one young boy (5yrs old or so) was just cutting up the floor during our sound check!!! :D He was REALLY entertaining!! Again, I though this is going to be a FUN NIGHT!!! From the 1st song of the night we had people up on the dance floor and again I saw some people that were there the last time we played there and anytime I see people who come out to see us again I ALWAYS make sure to talk w/them during breaks!! I think the crowd was a little thinner than it was last time (April) but again we had both bars (front & rear) staffed and packed w/patrons!!! :D

This was a FUN night to play!!! We played w/a LOT of energy and very well (professional). We were making jokes, I did a stage move where I was bent over backwards and acted like I couldn't get back up so the bass player helped me up and I “high fived” him as a “thank you”!! :D Mindi (singer) ALWAYS has problems remembering the lyrics to No Doubt's “Just A Girl” so I just walked up next to her and STARED while she was singing!! Then she closed her eyes so she couldn't see me so I put my chin on her shoulder and she playfully shoved me away. That's how we played all night!! It was a LOT of FUN!!! We're scheduled to play here again on Sat (11/3), our 4th time here in a year!!! :D

Our next show is Sat (9/8) @ Shark City (Glendale Heights)!! We played here a couple of months ago opening for Hal Spark's band. For this show we're LITERALLY sharing the stage w/our friends “Bad Day”!! The stage at Shark City is HUGE so both bands are going to be on stage at the same time!! One band will play 2-4 songs and then the other band will step up and play 2-4 songs and we'll do this all night!!! I don't know of any bands that have done this before so we're pretty EXCITED!!!

Thanks for reading and all the great comments & if you get the chance to come out and see us make sure you come up and say HI!!! KEEP ROCKIN' !!!!

Tommy Gunz
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