Gig Report - Dead Man's Hand

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Gig Report - Dead Man's Hand

Post by jwmartin » December 23rd, 2012, 7:43 am

We were offered a two night stand at a local place we've played a couple times before. Being the weekend right before Christmas, we knew it would either be packed because everyone wants to get out or dead because everyone was travelling. This was our first 2 night gig, so we were excited that we got to set up and tear down once, but play twice (and get paid twice).

We got set up and sound checked Friday afternoon and played to a crowd of about 25 people in the stage area and another 25 in the back area around the bar and pool tables. People left and new people came in until around midnight when it thinned way out. We had some lovely intoxicated girls come over and dance for a few songs and one of them came back and put $1 in the tip jar, giving us our first tip. We each decided to give up our $.25 share and frame the dollar bill.

I got up Saturday and did my normal workout and felt great. Then around 1pm, I got really tired and took a nap. After that, I just couldn't get going and felt like I didn't have much energy. Hauling gear and setting up then playing for 4 hours really takes it out of you. We got back to the bar around 8 and hadn't made the set list yet. We decided to try something new and just make the first 2 sets, then make each one during the breaks. It actually worked very well. It was little more relaxed and we were able to read the crowd a little more.

We started out with a newer one that we've never used for an opener, The Cars' Good Times Roll and it worked pretty well. Attendance was about the same, just different people. The first set went great, I did probably my best vocal version of Folsom Prison Blues so far. Everyone stayed through our first break, which is usually when we lose 1 or 2. We started our 2nd set off with a new one we've added. We put our lights on sound activated and one of the guitarists starts the opening organ part to Won't Get Fooled Again on his guitar (using some delay) and then we crash into the opening. I think we do a pretty good job on the song and it got some great applause and yells at the end.

A buddy of mine and one of the guitarist showed up and I've mentioned him on here before. He comes over to my house to jam sometimes and can play and sing like a madman. He was on the country version of American Idol, Nashville Star, on its first year and made it into the top 4 I believe. We started the 3rd set off and did a couple of songs, then invited him up to play. He started a blues in E and we fell right in (turned out to be Sweet Home Chicago). He called out Working Man Blues and then Tom Petty's Breakdown and we happened to know them all. He absolutely shredded the guitar solos and it was a blast getting to share the stage with him.

Of course, the next song on our list had to be one I was singing, so I got to follow the pro. The last song of the set was a new one I sing, Twilight Zone (the Golden Earring version, not Rush). It's one of the harder ones I do, so I was a little nervous but actually sang it pretty well. We took one more break and came back and played a shorter set. We announced the last song and the bartender came over and asked if we could play one more. I guess she was watching the clock, since it wasn't 1am yet. There were less than 10 people left, but they are paying us. So we played one more and then 2 of my friends who stayed all the way to the end asked for one more, Bad Moon Rising, so we did that for an audience of 2.

Earlier during the 2nd set, my mother in law and come up and put some money in the tip jar. I noticed the rest of the night, various people came up and put some money in. I don't know if it was holiday spirit or seeing one person do it. But at all our other gigs, we are going to have a ringer or two come up and put a little money in to see if it starts a trend. For some reason, we've just never gotten tips before. We don't ever ask for them like some bands do. We don't even have our own tip jar, this venue has one already sitting on stage. We ended up make another $40 last night in tips.

We broke down and hauled everything home last night. I got home around 2:30 and was exhausted. I don't think we'll be doing too many more 2 nighters. During our 2nd break last night, I realized how tired I was and I just coasted through the last set. My 2 fingertips on my right hand (plucking, not fretting) are raw and hurting. I think we'll stick with 1 nighters.

We are thinking about changing our name by next year. 2 of us don't think Dead Man's Hand conveys what we actually do. We need something more cover band and fun sounding.

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Re: Gig Report - Dead Man's Hand

Post by dogbite » December 23rd, 2012, 8:11 am


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Re: Gig Report - Dead Man's Hand

Post by Moonrider » December 23rd, 2012, 11:03 am

Awesome Gig Report! Having a friend with some notoriety drop by didn't hurt a bit, either! Sounds like y'all had a great series of shows.
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