Multieffect, looper and drum machine

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Multieffect, looper and drum machine

Post by rkeeling75 » April 18th, 2010, 4:31 pm

Good {insert time of day here},

I current run the following but would like to ask others if there is a better way, or if I could cause any harm with the following set-up.

From the guitar I have the following set-up to the amp
- Digitech RP250: multi-effects with the pedal's output set to AMP (not mixer)
- Boss RC-20 XL looper with the pedal going to the instrument input
- Fender Frontman Series II 25R

That's pretty normal, but I also run…

From an Alesis SR18 drum machine (Main output) to the Mic input of the Boss RC-20 XL (above) using this to either as a mixer or to catch the drums and rhythm at the same time to practice over (jazz lead sheets for example).

Is there a “better” way? Am doing something wrong? I ask because I had a smaller practice amp die (circuit issue) and wanted to make sure it wasn't something I did.

Also, in this set-up does it matter if I run the multi-effect with an Amp output or a mixer output?

I could always run the set-up like: Guitar -> pedal -> looper -> drum machine -> amp. In this case would it be better to run from the looper to the Aux input or the instrument input? I could even throw a mixer in the set-up…I don't just to keep the number of knobs to a minimum. :-) I already have a half dozen different volume settings to play with.

I know that's a lot of questions… sorry :-(

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