re-uping the pedal board

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re-uping the pedal board

Post by Trae13 » April 24th, 2012, 5:20 am

Ok, so this has probably been posted a million times, but how about one more. I used to run analog pedals in front of my AD 140, until my board was stolen around the same time as I was transistioning into a situation where I was asked to play direct. So I bought the POD X3 pro and have been extremely pleased with it for about 4 years. But like any tone guy, the call of the tube amp is calling me back and I have an opportunity to use it live again. So I am in the process of putting my board back together. The question is, I really like the line 6 delays, verbs, and some of the MOD's. Have you all had any experience with the M13 coupled with some other stomps? I think it would give me a lot of options without carrying around a 40" board. Or should I just go piece by piece with boxes. At the end of the day its about personal prefrences, but I thought it would be cool to hear some other thoughts on the subject.

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Re: re-uping the pedal board

Post by kpheard » April 25th, 2012, 1:48 am

I have not actually used the M13 but I have watched a lot of video reviews about it on youtube and I honestly think it is the way to go if you want the versatility of individual stomp boxes but with the convenience of a single multi effect unit. I just love the way that you still have the knobs to adjust each sound just like you do on stomp pedals rather than the usual minimal controls on a multi effects unit.
I would definately like to get an M13 one day when I can afford it. I would suggest you go into a music store and give one a try. I can't think of another unit available right now with such versatility.
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