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Anyone with a background in electronics?

Posted: May 5th, 2013, 11:27 pm
by GuitarguyMoseng
Hey guys!

I'm going to create a distortion pedal, based on the Tube Screamer, and have decided I want to do a slight twist! In paralell with the circuit, I want a Digital Signal Prcessing device, so I can overlay the circuit with digital filters as well.

The thing is. I'm relatively new to DSP's and micro processors. So if anyone have any experience with this, and/or have any suggestions, please reply! :D

Thank you, in advace!


Re: Anyone with a background in electronics?

Posted: May 13th, 2013, 8:13 am
by EzraplaysEzra
SO your trying to turn a $300 808 into an $18 ts7?
Kidding. You have to paint me a better picture, are you bypassing ic in favor of a processor, or the clipping. I guess my question is why? what are you trying to do? and what "processor" are you using to what end. I had considered stacking on a modded TS9 to 808 specs - with switching in the stacks, but I'm really not a greenie fan like many people ( I thought I was, that's an interesting story) Have you considered building a modular system of the 808 so you have the input, gain stages, symetrical clipping, output stages in modular builds so you could add the processor into the circuit at different stages for testing? Cheap and easy and would allow you to experiment. Google "screamer lab." There is a group of guys who spend all together opposite sex repelling amounts of time on these very mindleings.

Re: Anyone with a background in electronics?

Posted: May 13th, 2013, 8:41 am
by EzraplaysEzra
If anyone cares about the side story of why I thought I liked Tube screamers but didn't.

I was just starting out playing and was trying to cop the John Frusciante distorted wah sound from the BSSM album, this was before the internet but I figured out through pics and articles that he was using a distortion in line with his wah (go figure) and my modest setup consisted of a Russian Bigmuff, a Morley B/g, a boss BF2 and DOD fx64 - so I went downtown to Bennington Vermont where there were two stores you could buy guitar stuff, not guitar stores mind you, you could get sax reeds, pianos, rent a tuba and maybe find some guitar stuff. Behind the counter they had some crappo brand pedals, an orange one, a blue one and a green one. Knowing from guitar mags that the Ts808 was green and everone played that I choose the green one figuring it was a screamer clone. It turned out to be a pretty sweet sounding little distortion and really nailed what I was looking for.
A few years go by and slowly my gear would break or be replaced with "better" stuff and the old gear would go to my rehearsal board. The stomper on the green pedal of unknown origin eventually wore out and was replaced by a TS9, until in a pawn shop in Baltimore I found.... A TS808 for $15!!! boom, that puppy went on the board. Eventually (several years, embarrassingly) the haze of having a super cheap highly sought after TS808 wore off and I realized my distorted wah sounded much better in rehearsal... with the $35 green pedal of unknown origin. Knowing a bit more about this stuff I worked out that the GPOUO was actually a Boss Sd2 turbo distortion clone. So I grabbed one of them for next to nothing, turns out the Sd2 was what JF was actually using on the record in the first place. I prefer the SEM mod Boss DS1 these days but I thought it was kind of an interesting story.