Boss DD-7 or TC Nova?

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Boss DD-7 or TC Nova?

Post by jim_mayhem » May 26th, 2017, 3:09 am


Need advice on a delay pedal. Owned a Boss DD-3 for three years - great sound, but I got sick and tired of adjusting the time knob for each song as I usually play purely digital and crystal clear dotted 8. notes in 800 ms mode, with no modulation, reverb, or whatsoever. Sold it out in favor of Boss DD-7, which has made my day with a tap tempo feature. However, the sound is much worse than in DD-3 (totally sterile, no life).

Now I'm desperate to sell it too and try out the highly recommended TC Nova Delay. As far as I understood, it has tap tempo, presets, and warm digital sound, which I'm looking for. But can't just make up my mind + there is no TC Nova available in a local shop in my city, thus I will have to purchase it on Ebay.

What do you think about Nova against the DD-7? Does it worth it? Maybe there is another good delay pedal to beat them both? Please, note that I really don't need any extra bells and whistles - just simple, good quality, pure delay with an easy tap tempo, which sounds nice when overdriven/distorted. My budget is about $200. Would much appreciate your opinion and advice.

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Re: Boss DD-7 or TC Nova?

Post by waylon » June 6th, 2017, 2:21 pm

I would chose Nova. It's very verstile delay.
I can recommend You also Obscura and Flashback ... ffect.html

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