Bass is really overlooked

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Bass is really overlooked

Post by PsYcHoNIK » November 21st, 2003, 2:47 am

Earlier today, I was playing a bass guitar in a music shop. Some guy walks in and asks me:do you play 6 string too? I decided to be a smartguy and say"bass? No waY! I would barely be able to hit the low string!" He said he meant the lead guitar, then I pulled an accoustic off the shelf, and played fade to black on it, told him no, and then went back to my bass playing. Nobody, the entire time I was playing bass, asked me if I played lead or accoustic. That enfuriates me! the bass guitar, and bass guitarist are so underrated! I love to play bass, hear basslines, and whatnot, but yet I play lead, and everyone assumes that because I play lead, I cant play bass. No difference. Just spacing. Undereducated people make me rant! thank you for putting up, and or reading this useless thread.

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Re: Bass is really overlooked

Post by Petrix » December 9th, 2003, 10:05 am

Now lets remember, nobody ever really proved whether he killed her! :P

Anyhow, It is most annoying how bassists are overlooked! I play bass and guitar, people take notice of me when I'm playing guitar, but totally ignore me when playing bass.

btw, do those viola basses play nicely? I've always liked the look of them (mainly because I'm obsessed with the beatles)
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