I can't play guitar

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Re: I can't play guitar

Post by Mystery2me » April 18th, 2017, 2:00 pm

I just had my guitar instructor show me how he does the A chord with just his pointer finger His finger end flexes back enough he can bar the three strings with the one finger and still leave the the upper E ring. My finger doesn't do that but what I do for A is stack my fingers as 213 instead of 123. Gives me the room I need. Be creative


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Re: I can't play guitar

Post by anthony.lane01 » Yesterday, 9:18 am

In playing the guitar, one should always take one lesson at a time. Guitar playing requires repetition and there is no sense in hurrying the learning process. One should feel the notes through his soul and through his heart and become one with the guitar.

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Re: I can't play guitar

Post by MinorKey » Yesterday, 10:18 am

I wonder how the OP got on...
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