First post, buying advice

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First post, buying advice

Post by Ruara » May 7th, 2019, 3:54 am

New member here with first post. On and off player for most of my life, more off than on. Guess I would be considered an intermediate player as far as skill goes. I have a Fender Strat electric and a cheap Fender cd140 elec acoustic. I think I am finally ready to really learn how to play the guitar after years of just messing around.

So I am here looking for recommendations on a new elec acoustic. Been reading the forum here for a while, trying to learn as much as I can about makers and models of guitars. Took a trip to a guitar center over the weekend to try to play a bunch and see if any jumped out at me. I had a budget in mind of maybe 1200. Not a very good experience. No knowledgable staff, all decent guitars locked, hard to find an employee with a key. Finally got 3 unlocked. Tried to find the employee again to try some more with no luck.

Anyway, of the three I played I liked the Taylor 214ce the most, I think, lol. The other that I liked was a 000-15M Martin. I always thought I liked the Martin sound better, but I really liked the brightness of the Taylor a bit more. It also seemed to just be a bit louder than the Martin. I understand that these may not be the best examples of the Taylor or Martin sound, but within my budget Im thinking they may be about the best that I can get. Im not really interested in buying used at this point, simply because of my lack of knowledge. There were others I would have liked to play, but the setups on them didnt seem right to me. I know all of that can be fixed, but I wouldnt feel comfortable doing it myself, and really dont want an extra expense when I am looking near the top end of my budget.

With all that being said, I would like to venture out again soon, maybe to another shop and try to play some more. Im not set on a particular sound. Im just looking for a good all arounder. I generally strum, with some lead, and am just starting to work on fingerpicking. I do know that I want electric, and that I prefer cutaways. Any ideas on some that I should try to here before I get back out?

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