Sound check explanation for beginner

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Sound check explanation for beginner

Post by Sengret » August 5th, 2019, 11:46 am

Hello all instrument-brothers :D

Soon I'm going to play first live jam with my band, and of course, there's sound check which is waiting for us :D
As a guitarist, I don't really know what should I do there :lol:
My rig is my guitar, processor and amp. Can someone explain to me how it goes when I come with all that stuff on stage?

Second question, I own Laney Prism P20 amp, 20 watts. Is it enough for small audiences, like 100-200 people max?

I hope my questions aren't too much wide, but I don't know any guitarist who could explain me something about these things.
Thank you all in advance :)

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Re: Sound check explanation for beginner

Post by Alan Green » August 5th, 2019, 12:35 pm

Pretty simple really - the sound engineer will twiddle knobs and sliders on the desk to make sure everybody can be heard properly and isn't too loud. The sound engineer for the Big Band I play with has it all on a screen - he walks around listening, slides and twiddles the controls on screen and those settings transmit wirelessly to the desk.

Do as the sound guy says - do EXACTLY as he says. If he tells you to shut up, then make sure you shut up before he's finished saying it

Do not upset the sound guy - he can make you sound awful, or he can make you sound like you're not even playing. Buy him a beer and get him onside.

20 watts is small for a 100-person gig so your sound engineer will probably mic you through the PA. He knows what he's doing so let him get the job done

Enjoy your gig
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