Lessons to jam not to become a musician

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Re: Lessons to jam not to become a musician

Post by Mystery » April 14th, 2011, 9:09 pm

Great posts guys!
Few points I want to summarize from all the posts:
1. Take a break: I also experienced that after taking a break, few moves are better than when practicing continuously.
2. Practice makes permanent is another great comment.
3. Posture: I noticed my left hand sometimes is close to body and other times extended and loose. The later position is easy when switching chords.
4. Take lessons: Even if it's just few lessons to get the basics right.
5. Practice two chords back and forth at a time to train the brain and fingers.
6. Learn entire song to get the rhythm going rather than just a small portion/cover.
7. The real purpose of practicing is to turn your motions into habits.
8. Practice with a group.
9. Learn simple songs to enjoy the practice.
10. Play often whenever there is free time; not just a specific practice time.
11. Record practice to help track improvement.
12. Use slow down software to practice new songs.

Lots of good information that help me understand the learning process as well as filled with motivation.
Hope other newbies find this valuable. :)

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