SSG Year 9 Week 47

The Sunday Songwriters club is a stretching exercise for your mind. Arpeggios for the brain cells, so to speak. After all, writing is like playing - to get better, you have to practice.
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SSG Year 9 Week 47

Post by Nick » September 18th, 2011, 1:50 pm

Is that right? Did I skip a week? Whatever, this year may end up having 53 weeks.

This week let's write something not quite there, a walk down a hallway of half formed shadows, life grunting and writhing away behind closed doors, a man lost, seeking something, maybe himself. Which door to open? Which way to turn? Do i want to find what I'm looking for? Was that too vague? Good.

This week we are going to write a vague song about a specific instance. Don't start with random words. Figure out EXACTLY what you are going to write about. Be very, very specific. How about Cricket? What do they wear? Are their trousers stained with grass? What motions are made? What is the crowd doing? How is the weather? Nail down ALL of the given circumstances BEFORE you start to write. Once you have that info, pick specific instances/images/ideas and write them as part of the story line instead of telling us directly.

Don't put in what you are writing about in your post. Let's see if we can guess.

Keep writing down all of your ideas this week.

Good luck and don't forget to use all the tools we've been using. Wiki, flickr, rhyming dictionary, thesaurus.
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