New (Wannabe) Songwriter

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New (Wannabe) Songwriter

Post by ChaseMartin » February 22nd, 2014, 1:24 pm

Introducing myself. Early 30's dude blessed with a great family and steady (albeit boring) job. Played guitar as jr. high school, trumpet through HS and piano as a kid. Since college, sporadically play guitar for fun.

I've recently began playing guitar more regularly again and found myself finally writing songs (4 in past week) from ideas I've had in the past. My guitar playing, and songwriting, are both very elementary I'm sure, but I love the creative part of it and want to work on improving both. That's how I found my way here!

Going to give the Sunday songwriting a try, but love any initial tips or thoughts you all have for a new/wannabe songwriter and guitar player.

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Re: New (Wannabe) Songwriter

Post by Alan Green » February 22nd, 2014, 10:33 pm

Welcome to the party. Some early tips:

Stick to a subject you know something about. If you're re-writing "Love Story" don't describe it using Fukushima imagery unless you actually know something about dealing with nuclear plant meltdowns.

Think about your rhyme scheme before you start and keep to it. Are your line endings going to be ABAB, ABBA, ABABC? and so on.

Don't overcomplicate it. It's a song, not Tolstoy.

Write lyrics that sound like Yoda, do not. Use plain English and you'll get your point across a lot better.
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