Favorite Non-Big Name Tube Amp Brands

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Re: Favorite Non-Big Name Tube Amp Brands

Post by rparker » January 4th, 2012, 12:42 pm

That was the steal of the century, then. $250 for a vintage 2X12 tube amp? Probably only way you got close to that price was because of the lack of big name.

Re Tweeds: I'm all about my fender amp. I've got a BDRI in the arsenal. It was the tone I was looking for and it wasn't nearly as expensive as it is now. I got it right there on the spot after several weeks of looking around at different amps. It was the first time I had heard one.

I can get much grittier and dirtier on my Jet City 20 and be in my comfort level volume-wise. Any more juice and i gotta go digital. While good and much improved over previous iterations, I still like the sound I get from the real thing. The difference is getting closer, though, and when you start recording, it kind of becomes really difficult to tell the difference. I've seen some digital mimicking of tube amps and comparison videos on You Tube that were incredible.

I'm gonna compile a short list from this thread and make my way across town some day to mess around with these and a couple other brands.

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Re: Favorite Non-Big Name Tube Amp Brands

Post by greybeard » January 4th, 2012, 1:46 pm

Hughes & Kettner make some good gear - the Tubeman is great - but not cheap and it's only a pedal.

Their amps are just as good.

If I had the money to shell out, i'd either go for a JMI (Jennings' reincarnation of the original AC30) or a Matamp. Matamp build to order and match speakers if you wish. Sadly boutique prices..........
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Re: Favorite Non-Big Name Tube Amp Brands

Post by Xplorervoodoo » January 6th, 2012, 3:49 am

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned BlackHeart amplifiers yet. I haven't tried them personally, but have heard nothing but great reviews. They were highly praised on the Warmoth forums a couple of years ago.
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