Sound disconnecting as I play

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Sound disconnecting as I play

Post by meshik » July 12th, 2018, 9:42 pm

My Fender Jaguar bass has been giving me an odd issue that seems easy to fix, so I thought I can get some tips from here and try the fix on my own.
When playing, the sound jumps every few seconds (or faster) between great sound to no sound, and clunky sound in between those two.

Anyone have a good hunch on what it might be,
or any other more specific tests I should do to get down to the root of the problem?


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Re: Sound disconnecting as I play

Post by NoteBoat » July 13th, 2018, 3:43 am

It's a broken wire (or insulation) somewhere. As you play, sometimes it's in a position to carry current to the amp, and sometimes it's not - either through a gap if it's a broken wire, or a short if it's insulation.

First thing to try: use a different patch cord. Because they move around so much, they're subject to more wear than the internal wiring.

If the problem happens with different patch cords, or if your cord doesn't produce the same problem on a different guitar, you're going to have to open it up and trace the wiring. That can be a pain with an intermittent problem (it's easier if it doesn't work at all) - if you don't know circuits, it's probably best to bring it to a tech.

But 99% of the time it's a patch cord.
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