Help make an Ibanez Gio playable again

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Help make an Ibanez Gio playable again

Post by amark16 » August 15th, 2019, 12:05 pm

Hi guys

Based in the UK and bought this neglected Ibanez Gio GRG170dx (photos at the end). It was a cheap buy because of its state, but never had a guitar with a tremolo before so thought it'd be good starting point and a fun little project.
No major restoration needed, just looking to make it playable again and give it some TLC.
I don't have the guitar yet, but doing some homework and gathering parts in advance.

So here's the job list and questions:

1. The bridge is a FAT-10 type and is missing the G-string saddle. The exact part number is 2FA2C23C I believe, but proving very difficult to source. Only came across it in a couple of german online shops but to expensive to buy and ship to the UK. Can you recommend any other type of saddle I could more easily find?

2. As you can see on the second photo the screws in the back cavity holding the tremolo mechanism have come loose. I'm not sure if the threads in the holes are completely worn (one of them looks like it might be as it's got some wood around it). I suppose this is general woodwork skills, but what's the best way to screw them securely back in? Would a toothpick in the hole work?

3. Any ideas where to get a back plate (part number 4PT1CRG21B but again hard to find)

4. How can I fill the large chip on the edge (last photo)

5. Anything else that you think is of vital importance to take care of.

Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! ... -l1600.jpg ... -l1600.jpg ... -l1600.jpg

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