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  1. CC
    February 17th, 2015 @ 1:49 am

    I started playing guitar in my teens and then pretty much abandoned for a decade, only occasionally picking it up. I’d learned a few chords here and there and had been blessed with the ability to read sheet music, so could play some songs that way.

    It wasn’t until just this month that I really got it in me to play something in particular. Pachebel’s Canon, I believe. The relative simplicity of this beautiful music blew me away. I’d developed enough skill to play it fairly well at first. I soon found a lot of other music with chords I knew and could actually play. It was so amazing.

    I think I’d been trying to play music that was very challenging. I absolutely adore the Bearles work, but it often left me frustrated. Having music that I can play has me actually practicing again. Mastery is within my reach. :)


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