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Laura Lasley

Laura Lasley's first instrument was the piano. Several years ago, she decided to buy a guitar. It took a few more years before she actually took lessons, and since then she has enjoyed playing both her beloved Guild acoustic and her Fender Strat. She enjoys jamming with others as often as schedules allow.

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  1. CC
    February 17th, 2015 @ 1:49 am

    I started playing guitar in my teens and then pretty much abandoned for a decade, only occasionally picking it up. I’d learned a few chords here and there and had been blessed with the ability to read sheet music, so could play some songs that way.

    It wasn’t until just this month that I really got it in me to play something in particular. Pachebel’s Canon, I believe. The relative simplicity of this beautiful music blew me away. I’d developed enough skill to play it fairly well at first. I soon found a lot of other music with chords I knew and could actually play. It was so amazing.

    I think I’d been trying to play music that was very challenging. I absolutely adore the Bearles work, but it often left me frustrated. Having music that I can play has me actually practicing again. Mastery is within my reach. :)