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  1. Mike from India
    September 13th, 2012 @ 6:45 pm

    Thank you Alan for such wonderful information about Guitars.

    I am a also learning Guitar,; the worst thing to tell you is i dont know notations. and i cannot read tabs that are available online.
    but i know “which sound is coming from where” and thats the major thing, isnt it? but then you cannot write down what you played :o

    i would like to have a teacher who can tell me “o boy, tune this way” or ” you are doing that the incorrect way, hammer it like that”.
    i have a gibson’s acoustic. i wanted an electric one but i read on net that starting off with an acoustic is economical and wont waste the idea of guitaring. electric is not for noobs like me.

    in these two months of learning/starting off from scrap; i can now play “stairway to heaven”‘s first para :D that’s a joy for me. :) what do you say?


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